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What Happens if I Don’t Pay Child Support as Ordered?

There are very negative consequences when a parent fails to pay child support as ordered. Parents who don’t make their child support payments are subject to wage garnishment, loss of their driver’s license, negative credit reports, and interest on the past-due payments, among other things. The state of California takes a parent’s failure to pay child support as ordered very seriously.

If a parent falls behind on child support payments and does not have a wage assignment in place, the other parent can ask that the court to issue a wage assignment for the parent’s employer. If the parent’s wage assignment was previously stayed by the court, the other parent can ask that the wage assignment be reinstated by the court. When a wage assignment is in place, the parent will have not only the current amount of the support payments deducted from his or her pay, but also an amount designed to pay off the past-due support payments.

A parent also can ask the court to make a determination of the arrears, or the past-due support payments that the other parent owes. The amount of the arrears will help the court decide how much the delinquent parent should pay toward the arrears. Plus, under California law, interest on past-due support payments accrues at a rate of 10 percent, which can cause a parent’s support arrearage to rise very quickly.

If your local child support agency (LCSA) is involved, there are additional remedies for failing to pay child support, including the following:

  • Put a lien on all real property and bank accounts that the parent owns
  • Intercept any federal and state income tax refunds, unemployment compensation benefits, disability benefits, or worker’s compensation benefits
  • Suspend driver’s licenses and professional licenses

A knowledgeable California child support attorney can guide you through every step of the child support enforcement process. Furthermore, you are likely to have many questions, both now and in the future, about other issues related to your children, including child custody and visitation. At the Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates, we have assisted countless clients through their family law cases, no matter what issues your case involves. Contact our office today and see how we can help.