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Research Shows No Relationship Between Infertility and Divorce

A study detailed in a recent MedicalNewsToday article shows that there is no relationship between infertility and divorce. Back in 2014, Danish researchers published a study claiming that couples with infertility issues are subject to extreme amounts of stress, which, in turn, leads to higher divorce rates. There have been many other claims, as well, over the years, stating that the emotional impact of undergoing fertility treatments directly causes the breakdown of many marital relationships. A newly published study by a Portuguese doctor of almost 43,000 women over a period of 16, however, shows that there is no relationship between undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures and divorce rates. More specifically, the theory was that the stress that often results from unsuccessful IVF treatments damages marriages to the point that the marriage ends in divorce.

In the study, 65% of the women undergoing IVF treatments had children with their partners. Only 20% of the women in the study, however, filed for divorce. Even when adjusted for variables that include age and educational levels, there was no significant difference in the research findings. In fact, the research did not even find a link between high stress levels and couples undergoing fertility treatments. From this data, researchers concluded that while unsuccessful infertility treatments might increase psychological impact on the parties, overcoming these obstacles tended to bring a couple closer together. Rather than tearing them apart, the couple’s experiences with IVF force them to increase communication and develop advanced coping techniques in light of the extreme stress on their relationship.

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