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Reasons You May Be Entitled to Alimony

Alimony, or spousal support refers to a set amount of money that one spouse pays to the other spouse for his or her support. A court can order temporary alimony while the divorce is pending, and/or permanent alimony after the divorce becomes final. Whether a spouse is entitled to alimony depends on a number of factors set forth under California law.

One common situation that may result in an alimony order is one in which the wife stayed home for the better part of a lengthy marriage, perhaps to raise children, while the husband pursued higher education and advanced his career. When parties such as these divorce, the wife would be left without income, with the exception of child support in some cases, until and if she could get the education and training necessary to get a job and become self-supporting. This is a case in which the husband would have to pay spousal support to the wife for a certain period of time, or maybe even indefinitely.

Another common situation in which an individual might be entitled to alimony is where he or she is unable to work due to the needs of a disabled child. In this circumstance, it may be impossible for the spouse to work. If the marriage was ten years or more, then it is likely that the spouse caring for the child is entitled to alimony.

For a spouse who has been unemployed for a significant period of time, or who never finished the schooling necessary to get a decent job, spousal support may be awarded on a temporary basis in order to allow the spouse to get the education and/or training necessary to reenter the job market and get a job.

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