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Professions with the Highest Divorce Rate

According to a new study of U.S. Census data, certain occupations have a greater risk of divorce by the age of 30 than others. The job with the highest risk of divorce is first-line enlisted military supervisors, with a divorce rate of 30%. The jobs with the next highest risk of divorce include logisticians, automotive service technicians, and mechanics, followed by military-enlisted tactical operations and air weapons.

In fact, all military occupations had an average divorce rate of 15% by the age of 30. All members of the military face circumstances that are likely to contribute to a higher divorce rate, such as deployments and time spent away from home, constant dangers, and insufficient pay. It is military deployments that seem to have the most profound impact on divorce rates; those military members who are deployed are much more likely to divorce than their counterparts who are never deployed. The mental health issues that result from deployment also play a role in increased divorce rates, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Marrying too young and moving too frequently are also characteristics of military families that lead to the demise of marriages.

On the other hand, careers that had a much less likely risk of divorce include religious workers, speech language pathologists, and dentists. Although divorce rates in general have fallen consistently since 1980 to 2016, in which 16.9 of every 1,000 married women were divorced, the opposite has been the case for Baby Boomers. Among this generation, the divorce rate has increased 109% since 1990. This dramatic increase in so-called “gray divorce” has arisen by factors such as people living longer, the decreased societal stigma of divorce, and more acceptance by churches of the reality of divorce.

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