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Olympian Figure Skater Learns of Divorce Via Twitter

A recent Vanity Fair article details how Michelle Kwan, a famous Olympic figure skater received the unexpected news about her divorce via social media. In a stunning tweet, followed up by a New York Daily News story, Clay Pell, Kwan’s husband of four years, informed the public that he had filed for divorce in California. Kwan initially stated that Pell had filed for divorce without warning, but has since filed for divorce against Pell in Rhode Island, where the couple had lived together. In her divorce filing, which she based on irreconcilable differences, Kwan alleged that she and Pell have been physically separated since last November.

Tensions between the couple have only worsened since the dueling divorce filings. Kwan reportedly has attempted to serve Pell in the Rhode Island divorce proceedings ten times, with no response from Pell, who wants the divorce to proceed in the state of California. Kwan has asked that the California divorce proceeding be dismissed in favor of the Rhode Island proceeding. Kwan had been a resident of Rhode Island for one year prior to filing for divorce.

Kwan described Pell’s divorce tweet as a “blindside” at a time when she thought they were resolving their differences. Pell’s decision to utilize social media to announce a divorce filing seems to have only exacerbated the situation. Unfortunately, the prevalence of social media in modern American society has not had a positive impact on divorce and family law proceedings. Disparaging one’s spouse or publicly divulging details of one’s divorce has become all too commonplace; family court judges and divorce attorneys alike have remarked on the prevalence of social media posts and tweets being used as evidence in their cases.

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