A young couple arguing at the breakfast table

Married Couples Divorcing Over Political Beliefs

According to Wakefield Research, a polling firm based in Arlington, Virginia, political tensions from the aftermath of the November elections are driving some couples to divorce court. Recent data from Wakefield shows that one in ten couples, both married and unmarried, have ended their relationship over political differences. Millennial couples, in particular, broke over politics; 22% of these couples ended their relationship based on politics.

In this study, Wakefield examined the relationships of 1,000 participants nationwide between April 12 and April 18, 2017. Almost a quarter of the study participants who were married or in a relationship reported more disagreements or arguments with their partners about politics in the current political climate than ever before. Likewise, 22% of Americans know of a couple whose relationship or marriage has suffered due to the presidential election. Divorce attorneys are reporting the phenomenon, as well. While finances are a traditional source of discord between partners, over the last six months, politics have played into more relationship disagreements than finances.

Similarly, a New York Times article published just prior to the election highlighted two married couples for whom politics had become a significant source of tension and disagreement. One wife gave her husband an ultimatum: you vote for Trump, I want a divorce. Another couple proceeded to the altar despite their political divide. To keep their marriage intact, they tread lightly on the subject politics, and try to avoid the subject of the election altogether. Even dating services and websites are experiencing fallout from the election; the political opinion of a prospective partner is more important than ever before.

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