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I Don’t Like My Ex’s New Girlfriend. Can I Keep Her Away From My Children?

A common situation following a separation or divorce occurs when your ex starts bringing his new girlfriend around when he is spending time with your children. Not only can this situation be hurtful to you, especially when the break-up is recent, but you may feel that it is inappropriate for this woman to suddenly be spending time with your children. It is not enough, however, to simply dislike the fact that your ex is choosing to expose your children to a new girlfriend so quickly following the end of your relationship. As a general rule, your ex has the right to have other people around your child, just as you do. Nonetheless, there are situations in which contact with the new girlfriend can be detrimental to your children, depending on the circumstances.

In determining any custody and visitation arrangements, a judge must consider what arrangements are in the child’s best interests. This includes arrangements that involve one parent’s new boyfriend or girlfriend being around the child if that person poses a true danger or threat to the child. For example, if the new girlfriend lost custody of her own children due to a drug and alcohol problem, then allowing access between the girlfriend and the child may be unsuitable. Similarly, if the girlfriend is regularly driving your child around, and you know that she has no valid driver’s license, then a court might order no contact between the girlfriend and the child, or, more likely, order that the girlfriend not be permitted to drive the child until she can show proof of a valid driver’s license.

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