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Fathers Who Don’t Pay Child Support Also Visit Their Children Less

A new study suggests that fathers who are behind in their child support obligations see their children less, or, on average, visited with them three days less per month. A parent who does not live with his or her child often is required to make child support payments. There are significant consequences for parents who fail to make their child support payments, including civil and criminal penalties. A parent who is delinquent in child support also risks having his or her driver’s license suspended. Furthermore, children who do not receive court-ordered child support often go without the basic necessities of life, as their custodial parents rely on the money to help with housing, food, and clothing.

This study, which claims to be the first of its kind, focused on 1,017 fathers who did not live with their children, in terms of their involvement with their children and whether they abided by their child support obligations. Researchers found that 30% of the fathers owed an average of $7,705 in back child support. Additionally, the fathers who owed child support worked an average of five weeks less per year, had lower levels of education, were more likely to be incarcerated, and were more likely to have children with multiple women. The lower level of contact also resulted in fathers being less likely to be involved in daily activities, such as reading books, helping with homework, and playing outside. Mental health issues and the relationship between the father and the child’s mother also were contributing factors that led to missed child support payments and a lack of paternal involvement.

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