Angry Young Man Shouting To His Wife About Divorce And Infidelity In Living Room

Does it Matter Which Spouse is Responsible for the Divorce?

When a marriage fails, the spouses, as perhaps their friends and family members, often try to blame one spouse or the other for the divorce. It is easy to assign blame for a divorce, particularly if one spouse has been unfaithful or has an addiction or has been abusive in some way. However, no matter how bad a spouse’s behavior has been, California is a no-fault divorce state. This means that what a spouse has done during your marriage is largely irrelevant when it comes to divorce. For this reason, evidence showing that a spouse had an affair is essentially inadmissible in divorce proceedings.

Under California’s no-fault divorce laws, the only grounds for divorce are irreconcilable differences, which is the no-fault ground, or a spouse’s permanent legal incapacity, which is a very rare situation. A no-fault divorce means that a judge cannot look at fault as a factor in dividing property and debts. However, there are some situations where some evidence of fault may be relevant to a divorce case.

For instance, if a spouse was abusive in some way during the marriage, evidence of past abuse could be relevant in determining the best custody and visitation arrangements for your minor child. If a spouse intentionally is earning less than he or she could, evidence of this fact could be useful in making spousal support orders or calculating child support orders. If a spouse has a gambling addiction, and gambled away much of the marital assets, this could be a factor in determining the allocation of property and debt. In these situations, at least, evidence of bad behavior by a spouse can be useful.

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