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Divorce Financing and You

It is no secret that divorce can be extremely expensive for all parties involved. Attorneys often require hefty retainer fees and high hourly rates. If there are many disputes in your divorce that cause extended periods of litigation, attorney’s fees for both parties are likely to skyrocket, often well beyond what you can afford while still paying for your own living expenses. Furthermore, marital assets may be essentially frozen during your divorce, which can prevent you from using them to finance your divorce. Plus, if your spouse has turned completely against you, he or she may not hesitate to immediately cut off your access to credit cards and bank accounts. As a result of these realities, divorce financing has become an increasingly popular industry.

Companies that offer financing for those involved in divorce litigation can significantly level the playing field, especially in cases in which one spouse has access to far more resources than the other. In some marriages, the wife has given up a career in order to stay home and raise children, or to support her husband’s higher education and eventual career. It is in these types of situations that divorce financing can be helpful. It can alleviate the situation in which one spouse is forced to concede to a less-than-enviable settlement, simply because he or she cannot afford to continue the litigation. Financing may allow a spouse to afford to keep fighting for the fair settlement that he or she deserves. Plus, a spouse can use the financed funds to pay for many aspects of the divorce, including attorney’s fees, expert witness fees, and some personal living expenses. In many cases, the spouse is not required to begin paying back the funds until a divorce settlement is reached.

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