Common Divorce Myths

Despite attempts to educate the public about California divorce law, there are still many myths about divorce floating around. From spousal support to child support and child custody, people sometimes look for answers to their questions from friends and relatives rather than an experienced California divorce lawyer. This can be a dangerous path to follow when you are making important … read more

I Don’t Like My Ex’s New Girlfriend. Can I Keep Her Away From My Children?

A common situation following a separation or divorce occurs when your ex starts bringing his new girlfriend around when he is spending time with your children. Not only can this situation be hurtful to you, especially when the break-up is recent, but you may feel that it is inappropriate for this woman to suddenly be spending time with your children. … read more

My Girlfriend Will Give Birth Soon. Should I Sign the Birth Certificate at the Hospital?

One way to establish paternity under California law is for both parents to sign a Declaration of Paternity. This form is available at the hospital when a baby is born. If both parents sign this form, there is no need to get a court order establishing paternity for the child. In signing a Declaration, both parties admit that the man … read more

Research Shows No Relationship Between Infertility and Divorce

A study detailed in a recent MedicalNewsToday article shows that there is no relationship between infertility and divorce. Back in 2014, Danish researchers published a study claiming that couples with infertility issues are subject to extreme amounts of stress, which, in turn, leads to higher divorce rates. There have been many other claims, as well, over the years, stating that … read more

American Dads: Parental Roles, Then and Now

Fatherhood in America has changed significantly over time; fathers who live with their children take a more active role in caring for children and doing housework, and the number of single fathers and stay-at-home fathers has steadily increased. Nonetheless, as a recent Pew Research article states, more children than ever are growing up without a father in their homes.

In … read more

Gallup Poll Shows Moral Acceptance of Divorce at 73%

New data from Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs poll shows that while divorce rates are at their lowest point in years, 73% of American adults say that divorce is “morally acceptable.” The number of U.S. adults who found divorce morally acceptable has risen 14 percentage points since 2001. This year’s poll is a new all-time high by one percentage point.… read more

When a Custodial Parent Dies

If a custodial parent of minor child passes away, it is often unclear who will become the custodian of the child. The noncustodial parent may wish to gain custody of the child, or a family member may seek custody of the child. How this transfer of custody occurs depends a great deal on the circumstances involved in the case.

First, … read more