Does your child have more than 2 parents?

New Paternity Maze for Juvenile Dependency Courts & Family Law Courts

About 30 years ago, a law professor told me that things are always changing in the law.  He explained that the law has to keep up with changes in society, culture, norms and political views.   And as a lawyer defending a client’s rights, we have to be aware of read more

A client reminded me how to hire a lawyer

A few weeks ago, I interviewed a client.  She currently had an attorney, but wanted to make a change.  We talked about her case, but she asked me a lot of questions about my trial experience.  For example:  How many trials had I actually done?  How many trials I had I actually won?  What did I think about going to read more

The key things that the foster parent must file are:

De Facto Motion

388 petition

827 petition

Petitions for legal guardianship, both temporary and permanent.

But it should be noted that the filing of these documents is about 40 percent of the work; and not even the most important part. The most important part for this to be successful is the representation you receive at the hearings or mini trials read more

Foster Parents Rights

Foster Parents Rights

Foster Parents may have certain rights in the relationship, custody and visitation of a foster child. They may not have the same rights that a parent has, or a relative. But they do indeed have rights. Many times I’m confronted with foster parents who have been told by a county social worker that they do not have read more