Can Visitation Between My Ex and Our Child Be Supervised

Can Visitation Between My Ex and Our Child Be Supervised?

Public policy requires that courts protect the best interests of all children in court proceedings. In some situations, it is necessary to restrict contact between a parent and child in order to physically or emotionally protect the child. A judge can order that a parent only have contact with a child in the presence of a neutral third party supervisor. This type of order is referred to as supervised visitation.

There are a variety of specific situations that may result in supervised visitation, including the following:

  • To allow the parent to deal with alcohol or drug addiction issues
  • To help reintroduce the parent to the child after a long separation
  • To protect the child from a parent with a history of domestic violence, child abuse, or neglect
  • To allow the child to visit with a parent who has a history of mental illness
  • To prevent a potential parental abduction

The frequency and duration of supervised visits is determined by the court order. In some cases, the visitation supervisor is a family friend or relative. In other cases, one or both parents must pay for a professional to act as visitation supervisor. The court order, and, to some extent, the type of visitation supervisor, will determine the location at which the visits will occur.

Supervised visitation can be difficult for all parties involved. The custodial parent should take care to explain to the child when and how the visits will occur, answer any questions, and address any concerns. Children may be nervous about seeing a parent after a long period of time or following an episode of violence. However, no matter what the circumstances may be, the child still loves his or her parent.

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