Hispanic father with baby working in home office

American Dads: Parental Roles, Then and Now

Fatherhood in America has changed significantly over time; fathers who live with their children take a more active role in caring for children and doing housework, and the number of single fathers and stay-at-home fathers has steadily increased. Nonetheless, as a recent Pew Research article states, more children than ever are growing up without a father in their homes.

In today’s world, just as many fathers as mothers see parenting as central to their identities. An equal number of fathers and mothers find parenting rewarding and enjoyable. Fathers have increased their roles in caring for children, spending an average of seven hours per week in 2015, an amount that has almost tripled since 1965. Likewise, fathers put in about nine hours per week of housework in 2016, up from four hours in 1965.

Nonetheless, mothers still put in far more hours each week in childcare (15 hours) and housework (18 weeks). Despite the advances of fathers in terms of childcare, almost half of fathers feel that they still don’t spend enough time with their kids. Fathers also doubt their parenting abilities, with only 39% claiming that they do a “good job” parenting their children.

As times have changed, fathers are less likely to be the sole breadwinners in their families. Only about a quarter of the couples with children under the age of 18 are families in which only the father works. This is about half of the number of families in which the father was the sole breadwinner in 1970. Today, in the majority of two-parent families with children, both parents work.

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