What is a Summary Dissolution and Am I Entitled to One?

Summary dissolution is a simplified process of getting divorced that is available to some couples under California law. Although the summary dissolution process still requires you to undergo a six-month waiting period before getting divorced, it does provide a much easier way to get divorced for eligible couples.

In order to be eligible for summary dissolution, you must meet the … read more

Do I Automatically Get Custody of My Child if the Other Parent is Incarcerated?

In all too many cases in the state of California and nationwide, a parent with physical custody of a child commits a crime and becomes incarcerated. When this situation occurs, it is important to change any existing custody orders with the court through the modification process. Incarceration is likely to be a circumstance in which you can file for emergency … read more

Married Couples Divorcing Over Political Beliefs

According to Wakefield Research, a polling firm based in Arlington, Virginia, political tensions from the aftermath of the November elections are driving some couples to divorce court. Recent data from Wakefield shows that one in ten couples, both married and unmarried, have ended their relationship over political differences. Millennial couples, in particular, broke over politics; 22% of these couples … read more

What is an Ex Parte Protective Order?

A protective order or domestic violence restraining order is designed to protect a person who has suffered abuse or threats of abuse from another person. In order to qualify for this legal protection, you must have a certain relationship with the person who has abused or threatened to abuse you. More specifically, you must be married, separated, divorced, dating or … read more

Do I Have to Pay Child Support if I Am Disabled?

If you become disabled, you still are responsible for paying child support. As a general rule, any income that you receive counts as income for the purposes of calculating your child support obligation, which may include disability benefits that you are receiving. However, if you become disabled and your income is significantly reduced, you may be eligible to modify your … read more

How Does Bankruptcy Affect My Child Support Obligation?

Bankruptcy is a legal process designed to give you a fresh start when your finances have become unmanageable. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, you can discharge many types of debts, including credit card debts and medical bills. However, some debts are exempt from bankruptcy discharge, such as student loan and child support debts. Although bankruptcy law can help you with … read more

How Does a Child Custody Evaluation Work?

A child custody evaluation, which California law also refers to as a 730 evaluation, occurs when a divorce court appoints a neutral professional to investigate and evaluate your family situation. Following this assessment, the expert will provide a recommendation to the court about what he or she believes would be the best parenting plan for the parties’ child following a … read more